A whole person orientation

When you arrive to participate in addiction treatment at Reunion San Diego we begin by learning about your goals and your situation. We want to know what you truly want. Then we set about helping you obtain it.


A crucial distinction in this process is that what you want right now is likely to be different than what you want long term.  We help you to “balance momentary and enduring satisfactions” (to quote the 4th Point of the SMART Recovery 4-Point Program). We are not opposed to momentary satisfactions. However, we help you create a life that is likely to be much more balanced than the one you arrive with.


Because of our whole person (holistic) and collaborative orientation we will discuss any goals you have about anything. We will do our best to focus on all of your goals while you are here. We will discuss these goals in light of our knowledge about recovery and overall psychological and physical health. We aim to create an addiction treatment experience that is highly meaningful and relevant to you.


Typically our residents are addressing psychological problems such as anxiety, trauma, depression, bipolar disorder, ADD or relationship problems. In addition to a focus on addiction itself, a substantial portion of our time is devoted to addressing any psychological problems present, as well as the bigger issues of sense of direction, purpose and meaning in life.


Another aspect of balance is our focus on helping you become a SEN Master.  You have heard of Zen masters.  A SEN master engages in adequate Sleep, Exercise and Nutrition in order to have a well-functioning body. Psychological health is supported by physical health.  Our daily schedule includes up to 9 hours for sleep, workouts , yoga or walking, and nutritious whole and natural foods meals by our chef.