Reunion San Diego, a service of Practical Recovery, orients its services around your goals, values, beliefs and situation. We work with you, not against you. We build you up, not tear you down. In your balance of short-term and long-term goals you have been favoring the short-term ones. You are coming to us because you have decided that it is time to change (or at least you have partly decided!). We also recognize that a number of related problems (e.g., anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, relationship problems, etc.) are probably getting in the way of your recovery. Most of our therapeutic time is typically spent working on these related problems, and preparing you for returning to your home environment.


Our services are most meaningful to someone who has an internal locus of control. Internals expect that, whatever happens in the future, they will find a way to lead a satisfying life.  Externals expect that their satisfaction and happiness in the future will largely depend on just what does happen to them.


Am I an internal or external?


The serenity prayer is one way to describe the difference between the internal and external orientation.


To be sure, every life needs a balance between Serenity and Courage. For internals the focus is on courage. At Reunion San Diego we focus on helping our clients build up their courage and capacities.


We provide this help through evidence based treatments for addiction and other psychological problems, provided by mostly doctoral level staff who excel at helping you understand yourself. We also provide optional holistic healing services, daily workouts (one or two), nutritious meals, time for adequate sleep, community activities, outings, and socializing, and a restful environment. Residents have a wide range of choices about their treatment, including which providers they will work with.


Our philosophy also includes finding a balance between intense activity, and time for rest, reflection, and socializing. We recognize that a good balance will be different for each resident. To the extent possible (while still maintaining a sense of community) we accommodate the scheduling requests of each resident.


See what a typical schedule looks like at Reunion San Diego.