Self-empowering (non-12-step) addiction treatment

Typically our clients prefer not to attend 12-step meetings and have sought out our services because nothing in our program is based on the 12-step spiritual fellowship. However, clients are free to attend 12-step meetings if they wish.

The support group our clients are more likely to attend is SMART Recovery. SMART Recovery meetings are available in San Diego almost daily. Dr. Horvath, founder of Practical Recovery, has been president of SMART Recovery for all but one year since 1995. You can be confident that Practical Recovery has a truly non-12-step approach. Unfortunately a number of treatment facilities advertise themselves as “non-12-step” but continue to incorporate many 12-step and disease model concepts, perhaps merely re-wording them.

Our clients are free to view addiction as a disease or not as a disease. The services we provide do not require either belief.



By self-empowering we mean an approach that helps you, in time, to fully control of your own life. At first you may need to manage yourself by managing your situation. For instance, if you want to stop drinking, you may need to avoid bars and parties. In time your control will become internalized, and then bars and parties will no longer be high risk situations. We describe ourselves as “practical recovery” because there is no universal solution to the problems of recovery. The management of self and management of situation are unique to each person. If you own a bar or run parties for a living, we would work collaboratively in the hope of creating a solution that does not involve changing careers!


Our treatment services are a blend of evidence-based treatments for addiction and other psychological problems, and optional holistic healing services (including yoga, massage, acupuncture, guided mind-body inquiry, exercise and energy healing). Equally important to the type of therapy or service is the professional providing it. Because the “chemistry” of the provider-client relationship is so important, we give you full control over which professionals you work with. After you have sampled our providers you will continue to work with only the providers you find most helpful.